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A fiction Book on Marriage

SONG OF MARRIAGE A Chronicle of Love, Life, Light, and Laughter

by Rajesh Dutta


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ISBN 978-93-88497-45-9
Languages English
Pages 184
Cover Paperback
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This fiction book on marriage offers the spiciest slice of life, from the believable to the ridiculous situations that make up a marriage.

It traces two years from the narrator’s marriage: 1992 and 2017. After reading this book, the reader will either find it very easy or very difficult to imagine bliss. Whatever the case, this book will prove to be the right reference for one who is considering marriage.

Why only two years of married life? Because two years are enough to show love, life, light and laughter, their growth, fulfilment, their existence despite all grief, temptations and accidents that surround a marriage and impacts it and determines whether it remains intact or breaks up. Marriage is a fortress that holds fast only if you have the quartet fighting your daily battles for you.

About the Author

The author is a little bit of sunlight in the depths of much older winters. His life is the summer camp of school kids. He serves life’s purposes by trying very hard to be himself at home and as a teacher of English in a school in Gurgaon. He has not yet reached that stage where you could say he now belongs to the society of old hiking leaves of autumn. He switches off the lights at 11.30 pm and is groggily back into the light at an unearthly hour in order to create the twenty fifth hour for writing. He left the joggers long ago and he is now finding that gaining weight is a lot easier. He believes that cooking food is a way to becoming more useful around the house besides balcony-gardening, massaging heads,feet and egos.


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