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​The Dye Maker

​The Dye Maker

by Vivek Shrivastava


ISBN 9788193015254
Languages English
Pages 150
Cover Paperback


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Zhakheiya had lost so much in life, yet she learned to be strong and independent. Learnt from her father, the art of Dye Making, it came easily to her. Her aspirations of becoming the leading Dye Maker in town, and her understanding of colours and life itself, takes a turn when Ressam walks into her store one day…
Life was easy for Ressam when he was young but difficult and full of doubt now. He had lived under his fathers wings till one day he was forced to leave everything behind. Taking the first solo triumph of his life with him, unable to share with his family…
Can the strokes of colour, lead the two of them to their destiny?
Can a chance encounter with a soothsayer, be important?

About The Author:
Vivek is a technologist with a Master’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Passionate about Technology as well as Art, Vivek likes to write Short stories and poetry, when not busy finding technical solutions in the field of Robotics
Vivek lives with his parents in Delhi. He inherits his passion for writing and philosophical aptitude from his mom. There comes a time in his life when one has to move to a higher calling: a better tomorrow, where the soul is at peace…..”

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