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Immortal Love

Immortal Love

by Neetu Khatri Kajal


ISBN 978-93-87456-18-1
Languages English
Pages 110
Cover Paperback

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Immortal Love

Does the Almighty God only reside in a temple?
Does destiny always lead us ​to​​ a path of virtue?
Is ‘eternal love’ a mere myth?

Vanshika’s desire for love and romance ​takes her on an ​unanticipated ​journey. Despite loving her husband Manav, she has been living a compromised married life.
When she meets Rishi, events take a turn. She finds herself trapped in situations that test​s​ her ​love and dedication.
Will she continue living a life that she doesn’t like calling her own or will she be able to change it for the better?
Does she choose to break free or strike a balance between duties and love’s calling?
Immortal Love is a narrative about love, romance, longingness, passion, obsession, friendship and devotion. Read Immortal Love to immerse yourself in a journey that redefines the phrase ‘eternal love’.

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About the Author
Neetu Khatri Kajal is an educationist, an author, a writer and a novelist. Deeply interested in travelling and exploring new things and places.Always interested in executing constructive activities.


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