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In The Quest of Love: Encore – First Part

by Shivani


ISBN 9789358960686
Languages English
Pages 55
Cover Paperback

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In The Quest of Love: Encore – First Part

As the Ganges in the form of Hooghly river meanders its way to the Bay of Bengal, it takes a unique crescent moon shape. Chadannagar, a charming little former French colony on the quiet west bank is one of the waterfront towns where the love between a French lady Angelique and a Bengali man Rajatshubhro Chakraborty during French colonial rule in the 1880s resurfaces again later through reincarnation.
The sweet innocent Angelique and the modern liberal-minded Rajatshubhro meet by chance and discover love transcending the barriers of culture and religion. What will ultimately happen in their quest of love is for readers to discover.
Anita born in mid 1980s visits Chandannagar. There are interesting developments to be continued in the second half.

About the Author

The author is an on-line English trainer and creative artist with varied interests.

The author ‘s writings have featured in newspapers,namely the Letters to the Editor section of the Telegraph. She has written short stories. She has been awarded twice in national level competitions and contests for short story writing.

She has written two books -Mysterious Romance:A Story of magical Unspoken Love.
Her second book “Dreams to Lead:Story of a Blossoming Queen ” won the Book Publishing and Sales Award from Zorba books for being in top 5 in the Zorba Books ‘Book Writing Contest ‘in January 2024.
This is her third book, and first attempt to write a historical romantic fiction and a story of reincarnation. The author enjoys solo trips. The idea came after one of her solo trips to Chandannagar.
The cover picture is a painting by the author.
The author writes spontaneously when she gets the urge. She wishes to further experiment with writing.


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