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My Sis : Through My Eyes

by Rathin Bhattacharjee


ISBN 9789358969382
Languages English
Pages 135
Cover Paperback


“My Sis:Through My Eyes”, the story of Tapasi Ghosh (Bhattacharjee) seen through a brother’s eye, tells us to fight our battles without giving up. In her fights, she represents any woman with the will to fight and survive.From the start, the book takes us on a ride through her life, glimpsing into her traits in the process.There’s a lot of her tenacity in Ch-4 as she goes against the family to marry her love, Arun.She’s then brought to harsh reality as after a happily married life of 36 yrs, their marriage falls apart.Instead of deploring her Fate,Tapasi takes things into her hands and joins NP at 52! She works for 4 more organisations,enriching her life with varied experiences. She’s been fighting her own battles post separation spiritedly.And that’s what makes this book such a must-read.

About the Author

Rathin Bhattacharjee from Kolkata, India, graduated from the University of Kolkata. He joined BCSC (Bhutan Civil Service Commission) as an English Teacher in 1990. Awarded HM’s Gold Medal in 2018, he is presently the Principal of SXPS, Joypur, India. 

His forte is writing Romance/Love Stories. He has been published in; Medium, StoryMirror; Story Cabinet; Monomousumi; Active Muse; World Pulse, Reedsy; FlashFictionNorth;Write Practice; StoryADay, Kuensel and a host of other Indian and international magazines as well. His novel entitled, “The Damon in Doctor’s Disguise” on Web Novel has been much acclaimed.

He has won top honours including the latest certificates as the Best Fiction Writer on the topics “Celebrating Her” and “Friendship” from ZobraBooks.

He loves writing, blogging, translating, podcasting and editing.


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