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GAZALA an inspiration



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ISBN 9788194935599
Languages English
Pages 126
Cover Paperback
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GAZALA an inspiration by Geetika Bhardwaj

Gazala tells the inspirational story of a young girl who was determined to change the world despite her difficult circumstances. Life had never been easy for Gazala, who lost her father at an early age and was raised by her mother. She had to start working at a young age to support her mother financially. While others would crumble under such heavy burdens, Gazala took everything in her stride and faced even tough conditions with a smile on her face. She often had to make personal sacrifices because she always put others before herself. Yet, she moved mountains with her courage and determination. She worked hard, got good grades, and eventually began working at a reputed company. However, this was not enough for her. She always had a proclivity for helping those less fortunate than her and wanted to make it her life’s mission to improve the lot of women and orphans. Come, join Gazala on her journey as she blossoms from a promising young girl to a brilliant woman!

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