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The Journey of Getting the Girl of my Dreams

by Rohit Chawhan


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ISBN 978-93-86407-65-8
Languages English
Pages 88
Cover Paperback
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An ordinary man, an extraordinary journey of love……
Meeting Ashish on the flight to New York was a chance encounter for Rohit. Romantic, emotional and sincere, this is Ashish’s incredible story of getting the girl of his dreams. Ashish and Kriti’s love story starts with a bang but fizzles out only to come blazing back again. How does this happen? The story kept Rohit hooked – am sure you will be too.


About the Author

Rohit is a 17 year old student who has just completed his schooling and is currently studying in Christ University. He is unable to put himself in a particular slot but he knows that he is a crazy guy, crazy about money and fame. He never gets disheartened when he doesn’t achieve what he has worked hard to get. He had a desire to write a story which to some extent reflects his life and this book is the outcome. He has been an above average throughout school. He never excelled in sports or extracurricular nor in forming close friendship with girls, though he has had great life experiences.
He hopes that when people read this story they will make him and all those important to him proud that he is DPS DURG, a town in CHHATTISGARH known as BHILAI.

1 review for The Journey of Getting the Girl of my Dreams

  1. Vishnu Chevli

    Recently, I have reduced the number of books under romance drama from my reading list. But few book covers can force you to think twice. The Journey of getting the Girl of my Dreams by Rohit Chawhan is one such book. Along with catchy cover and title, the length of the book was also a major factor. A novella which can easily remind your Chetan Bhagat, Ravinder Singh or Durjoy Datta’s books.

    Talking about the story, main protagonist of the story is Ashish. As the title suggests, it is the story of how he got Kriti, the girl of his dream. Being a mediocre student, Ashish did not having very high expectation from his studies. He was interested in pursuing his passion for cooking. He wanted to become a renown chef. During his 12th, he met Kriti one of the most famous and beautiful girls of his school. He fell in love, which was one sided. His heart was broke when Kriti went to Germany for higher studies. During the same time, he had a big argument with his dad about his future. Akash left home in pursuit of his dreams along with a hope to get Kriti back into his life. His life was full of ups and downs which will keep you engaged till the last page.

    Unlike other love-stories which are concentrated towards emotional drama, this one is focused towards Ashish dream. Every sad or emotional part was closely followed by some good quotes or dialogue, which made sure that book wouldn’t fall into drama category. A novella usually gives lesser chance to authors to portray characters, but Rohit was able to do his job well with Ashish and Kriti.

    I liked the following about The Journey of Getting the Girl of My Dreams
    Cover Design
    Good quotations and insights which were given about various situations
    Ashish’s passion for cooking
    The book would be a good read for following
    Person who would like to improve his English
    Person who would like to start the habit of reading
    Romance genre readers
    Followers of Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta or Ravinder Singh
    This book can be an ideal gift for English learners because
    Language is easy
    Pace is fast
    No extra words except story
    Pure Bollywood style story

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