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Awesome Adventurers The Underground Mystery

by Supriya Barsode


ISBN 978-93-90011-15-5
Languages English
Pages 58


Mystery Novel for Children

Brijesh and his brother Kartik are excited to visit their grandparent’s farm. They are enjoying feeding the farm animals, running about in the fresh air and making new friends Ganesh, Jay, Adi and Era. The wholesome, yummy food and the picnics at the pool and lazy afternoons on the hammocks are shaken when they discover an old map with bizarre shapes and decide to follow it and crawl right into an adventure! An adventure book for children.

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About the Author

Supriya Barsode is a practising doctor, she was introduced to literature in her school years and
has always believed in the magic of words. She has published a book of poems ‘Rhyme nor reason’. These adventure series are a reliving of that childhood when electronics had not touched their lives and those lazy summer afternoons were spent climbing trees and cycling around the neighbourhood.


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