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The Mystic Girls

by Sanchita Agarwal


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ISBN 978-93-86407-17-7
Languages English
Pages 195
Cover Paperback
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The Mystic Girls

The Mystic Girls is a story of three sisters – Jenny, Lizzi and Denny Evans (The Evan Sisters), who live a very ordinary, uneventful life. But with changing times nothing is left untouched. Not even their lives.
One day an old friend calls them and reminds them of all that they have been missing for the past few years. Taking her advice, The Evans Sisters move to the big city of London. They find new friends, fall in love, have their heart broken but what happens next is something they could not even have imagined. Was this their destiny?
Their life takes a turn when their completely sane friend starts to see strange dreams that encircle them all.
Will the girls be able to find the reason for these strange dreams? Will they be able to solve this mystery?
In an atmosphere of complete uncertainty, the only thing that is confirmed is that the girls need to be brave and the path ahead is hazy.

About the Author
Sanchita Agarwal is the author of‘The Mystic Girls’.
She was born in Indore (M.P.), Sanchita got the idea of writing The Mystic Girls, when she was in 9th grade, after she finished reading Harry Potter. Inspired from the famous author J. K. Rowling, Sanchita originally wrote it by the name – ‘Dreams do come true’ with full support from her best friend. After finishing the first chapter, she realised that it was becoming too fictional, therefore she modified the plot a little and changed the name to ‘The Rockstars’. By the time she finished her school, she had also completed ‘The Rockstars’.

When she entered the college, she discussed this project with her college friend. After discussing and analysing the complete book, Sanchita once again decided to change the name to ‘The Mystic Girls’, since the name – ‘Rockstars’ had already been used widely. Once she completed editing the book, she decided to do an interest survey amongst a group of randomly chosen people. Therefore, she gave them a sample copy of ‘The Mystic Girls’ to read and review. After one week of anxious waiting, Sanchita finally got her first review, which was positive and readers couldn’t wait to see the published version. After being praised by so many people, Sanchita finally decided to publish her work.

Apart from writing manuscripts, Sanchita also writes short stories, poems, scripts, blogs and articles.
She has worked as a COPYWRITER in an advertising agency. She even runs a Facebook page – “Stories on the go” ( where she publishes her daily work in form of shortest possible stories and an Instagram handle – “Poetic Tales” for her poetic side. Both of which are getting a healthy response from the audience. Along with this Sanchita has also self – publish n eBook – ‘Love is in the air’ which a collection of five short stories based on different aspects of love. She aspires to become the BEST AUTHOR.
“I write with feelings, not with pen.” – A quote by Sanchita Agarwal, that sums up her entire writing works.


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