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Flowers in the sunshine

Flowers in the Sunshine

by Sarbajit Roy


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ISBN 9789390640577
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Pages 76
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Poetry is a picture expressed in words. Every picture or photograph presents a beautiful framework for poetry. Each picture of Nature is a vision and expression of sublime poetry. A picture or photo of a person, a ruined or dilapidated building, visual portrayals of seasons, rivers, seas, mountains and hills, the dawn, the sky, a stream in the woods or the woods themselves, cities and rural areas, forests and deserts are a vast repertoire for sublime poetry.

“Flowers in the sunshine ” brings forth themes expressing Nature, rustic life, and Lost ream.s such as “The Lost River”, “The Lost City” and “The Lost Deity”, “The Lonely Tree ” The Tree of Destiny”, “The Village Road”.

Rustic life is expressed through a little girl as she, dressed in shabby clothes directs goats along the village road:

” Far from the mansioned rich she lives and plays,

In rustic lands where sunshine is free,

Her shabby dress is rich in life always,

Her village the abode of freedom be.”


The poem “The Mind ” elucidates the freedom of the mind.

‘The body is unable, but the mind can fly,

Fetters of life it breaks open and soars

To heights, in the realms of the sun and sky

To distances, along known and unknown shores.”

Some poems have voiced the eloquence of Nature such as “The Lonely Tree”:

Lonely tree, for aeons have you stood,

And watched the world and time fly pass ,

Your roots have rested in the soil so good,

And nourished the dew on the growing grass.”

About the Author

In 1984, Sarbajit Roy moved to the United States to work on his Master’s Degree and PhD and stayed there for 27 years, returning to India in 2013. While attending the University of Texas at El Paso, and consequently teaching and lecturing , he also wrote poetry, many of which were published in an anthology named “Emerging from Twilight”, a collection by a literary group called “Shadow Poetry” in 2003.


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