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From the No-Man’s-Land

by Bimal Varan Baduni


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ISBN 978-93-85020-64-3
Languages English
Pages 216
Cover Paperback
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The body may rest

But the mind will wander

Fears unfold

With frightening thunder.


When the storm is over

And the deluge is gone

In the dreamland

A hope is born.


From the oriental skies

Wisdom will dawn

The play will restart

With a hopeful yawn.


Fall by the side

Or stand till the end

In the no-man’s-land

Truth is the only friend……

Have you ever wondered if the sun is trying to send a message to you? Have you ever been intrigued by the sea waves trying endlessly one after another to reach the shore? All of us, at some time or other do wonder at the connect between various elements of nature and human emotions.

While the thoughts would always have an individual streak, there is a universal theme in which we all, in our own way connect human emotions with nature.

The poems in this collection marvel at this connect and bring out the awe and the intrigue involved. From the daily grind of the sun, journey of a river, joy the rains bring, struggle of the sea waves to the mystique of time itself, the poems in the collection create imagery where human emotions and various elements of nature get interwoven and start appearing as one and the same.


About the Author

Wing Commander Bimal Varan Baduni is an ex Indian Air Force helicopter pilot. While serving in the Indian Air Force he has held many important assignments. After taking voluntary retirement from the Air Force he has been working in Pawnahans Helicopters as a management pilot. A Pilot with vast experience, he has more than ten thousand hours of flying experience on various aircraft. The figures speak for themselves and reflect his busy schedule as a pilot. Yet his passion for poetry compels him to write regularly. In the year 2015 his poetry collection in Hindi, “Pathik Chupchap” was published by Zorba Books , and now his second poetry collection, From The-No-man’s- Land , this time in English, is in your hands.