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Of Chaos and Clarity

by Rubu Yari


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ISBN 978-93-86407-74-0
Languages English
Pages 52
Cover Paperback
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This book of poems tells us about the transition of the poet‘s state of mind from chaos to a harmonious stretch between all the contours of her mind.
The book is divided into two sections, ‘Chaos’ and ‘Clarity’. In the first section, the poet reveals some of her darkest memories and her struggle to survive those daunting junctures. Then the poems transits into peaceful realisations which the poet expresses through her poems in the second section. The poet becomes more accepting of her very being. She writes – “I’m diving deeper into the Universe and beyond/ so much beauty/ so much power/so much truth”. The intervention of the divine too, has been instrumental in this struggle which she often mentions in her poems. Although the poems have been separated in two different contexts with contrasting emotions and experiences, the poet writes in the preface of the book- “I believe, one does not achieve clarity without the chaos.”
For her, ‘Chaos’ and ‘Clarity’ are two sides of one coin.

Reading this volume, I felt as though Yari had placed in my hands, not her poems, but her heart. So much trust. It was an honour to hold your heart for those few hours, few days, few moments of reading these poems, Yari. ‘To Yari, poetry is a pursuit in finding oneself,’ it says on the back jacket of the poetry volume. I certainly think she has achieved that goal in the book, especially in the second part, Clarity, without which the book would be very incomplete. The journey comes full circle with both parts complementing each other. Thank you Yari for trusting us as journeying partners.
Easterine Kire,
Author of When the River Sleeps
The Hindu Literature Award Winner 2016


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