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Papa पापा

by Abir Anand


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ISBN 978-93-86407-49-8
Languages Hindi
Pages 148
Cover Paperback
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पापा की यादें

पापा- इस भागती-दौड़ती ज़िन्दगी में तारीख तक तो याद नहीं रहती। दिमाग पर बहुत देर तक जोर डालना पड़ता है और फिर भी सुनिश्चित करने के लिए मोबाइल का सहारा लेना पड़ता है। ऐसे में, अलबमों में झाँकने पुरानी यादें ताज़ा करने का समय किसके पास है? फेसबुक भी नई तस्वीरों और नई कहानियों में ही दिलचस्पी लेता है। ‘पापा एन ओड टू फादर’ समय में पीछे झाँक कर, कुछ देर ठहर कर, उन यादों में डुबकी लगाने का प्रयास है, एक ऐसे रिश्ते की पड़ताल करते हुए जो विस्मृतियों के अंधड़ में सबसे पहले उखड़ता है।

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Even the dates are not recalled easily from our memory. It takes a bit of mental effort and perhaps always, one has to confirm it looking into his mobile phone. Who, in today’s world has the time to glance through old albums to rekindle memories? Even Facebook is interested only in new photographs and new stories. ‘Papa-An Ode To Father’ is an attempt to look back in time, absorb the events, and be lost in those precious moments; explored through a relationship which often is the first to fall in the cyclone of oblivion.

About the Author
Abir comes from one of the numerous small towns of India, located in Tarai region of UP. He completed his schooling from Sainik School Ghorakhal, Nainital.He completed his graduation from HBTI Kanpur. He had also attended IIT Kharagpur for his incomplete post-graduation before completing my PGDM from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.
He has extensively worked with various sectors in Industry ranging from Steel, Oil and Gas and Automotive to Specialty Chemicals. Currently, he is working with a listed chemical manufacturing company.

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  1. Siraj khan

    Sir mai ek writer hu mai ne papa pr ek urdu me nazam likhi h aap cahao to le sakte ho mo .wathsapp no .8384820956

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