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The Eighth Color Of a Rainbow

by Aananya Singh


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ISBN 978-93-88497-62-6
Languages English
Pages 74
Cover Hardcover
E-Book Available


A poetry book for Adults, Adolescents and Teenagers. Identifies with what adolescents go through, their emotions, despair, self-worth and helps to find resolution to those feelings. Poems are about change and growth and how to deal with the same.
Understanding people around us is often very hard. Many times we look right through the people around us and sometimes we find it hard to be in touch with ourselves too. This book will help you see this world in a better light and make you feel like you aren’t the only ones during your low moments. These poems work like magic, Try them, mull over them and watch your mood lift, energy flow back, strength seep in and you ready to face the world again


Shed light on the darkest corners, how long must the voices in your head be kept quiet?

When being honest is torturous and being your true self feels like a sin,

there is no place to go for shelter.


The pages of this book will provide you with that very shelter. With a feeling of comfort and a sense of belonging. When all else fails, these words give you warmth and just maybe this book is what your lost smile needs, to be found.

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