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Reminiscences of Youth

by Dr Sidharth Kaul


ISBN 9789395217170
Languages English
Pages 50


The author, Dr Sidharth Kaul, is a Retired Advisor from the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change and is currently president of Wetland International South Asia (WISA). Despite being a hardcore academician, he had a special interest in poetry from his younger days. He has written a number of poems during his school years, published many articles in various magazines and appeared on radio stations in a number of youth programs. He won many laurels in declamation contests and has been a famous parody writer in his college days. He won many prizes in school and college in the form of shields, cups and books. His writings are in different languages viz., Hindi, English, Punjabi, Sanskrit and Kashmiri.

The present collection of his poems is an outcome of his imagination during adolescence. The seeds of poems sown in youth have grown into flowers presented to readers in the form of a bouquet. I hope people will enjoy reading these poems.


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