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Rhythmic Retreats

Rhythmic Retreats

by Dr Chitra Thrivikraman Nair


ISBN 9789390640058
Languages English
Pages 52
Cover Paperback


Human minds have a rhythm of their own which subtly express itself through creative endeavours. Every day our minds are confronted with varied thoughts, feelings and emotions which either refresh or depress us. Feeling passionately the soothing sensations of nature around, we try to immerse ourselves in the powerful and graceful embrace of nature which enriches us with food for thought. The poems in Rhythmic Retreats are a reflection of my grooming self commensurate with my growing experiences across the years. Let us alter our attitudes towards the world in order to make it a better place where love towards fellow beings and nature should reign as the eternal doctrines.

About the Author 

Dr Chitra Thrivikraman Nair b.1976 is an academic and bilingual poet anchored in Kerala, India. She is an Associate Professor of English at Government Sanskrit College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and is also a Research Supervisor in English at the University of Kerala. She has published a number of research articles in indexed, refereed national and international journals and books, and is on the Editorial Board of two prominent journals. She is also a member of various academic organisations. She is a member of the Board of Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication of the University of Kerala. Her poems in English have been published in various journals and anthologies. Her maiden anthology of poems in English titled ‘Shades of Life’

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