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A moving book of poems

Shabdavali शब्दावली -अहसास जिन्दगी के

by Manju Sharma मंजु शर्मा


ISBN 978-93-88497-07-7
Languages English
Pages 308
Cover Paperback


rtqckZ gS rks ‘kCnks dh J`a[kyk gS vkSj

‘kCnks ls gh fopkjks dh vfHkO;fä gS

fopkjks ds feyu ls Lusg dh vuqHkwfr

gksrh gS vkSj Lusg gh rks liw.kZ txr dh

mRifÙk dk dkj.k gS


About the Author

The author is a simple but ambitious person who believes in the philosophy of “simple living and high thinking.” She is a Human Resource professional. Poetry happened to her by chance. She converts her day to day experience into poems.


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