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Rituals & Practices of Hinduism

Rituals & Practices of Hinduism

by C.V. Sastry


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 Rituals & Practices of Hinduism


“There are so many different kind of living beings in this world like plants and animals who are interdependent and that is how life is possible. Human beings like us not only receive so much help from fellow human beings, plant and animals but also from inanimate things to lead our life. That is the reason our Vedic religion has prescribed so many rituals to propitiate the Earth, Water and Fire, which we consider inanimate – His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi SwamiGal.”
The sacred thread ceremony initiates Brahmins to know more about our rituals and to know and seek our role in the cosmic universe. Get to know the story and the different rituals that is followed during this ceremony and the importance of conserving our traditions in the 21 st century.


About the Author

Born in the city of temples, Kanchipuram, in south India, author CV Parameshwaran Sastry, had a solid introduction to temples and the varied Hindu traditions, through the length and breadth of travels in his childhood to different parts of India. During these travels, he witnessed some regional differences. But he also realised that the traditions, the rituals and the story of Hinduism all lead to one underlying principle – to make the world a better place to live.
Fascinated at a young age by the enriched stories CV Sastry had heard and read, storytelling and narrating experiences
were always a dream and goal. He won many story-writing contests as a kid. During his travel abroad, i.e. in Canada, he
was declared the Short Story Writing Contest winner. When his nephew’s sacred thread ceremony was around the corner, he decided to write a book on Upanayanam. The key idea was to accord his nephew and several other seekers with the understanding of the rituals, the significance and the folklore behind this Hindu ceremony known as Upanayanam or Poonal. This book contains some advanced topics for general reading. Brahmacharis will find this book interesting, reading the stories and mantras for Sadhya Vandanam and practising them three times a day. This is CV Sastry’s first
book, which he has written to enrich the experience of people who want to understand the rich heritage of Hindu traditions and the stories behind them.
The author currently resides in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Hinduism is the birthplace of yoga, medicine, spirituality
and various branches of science. Hindu scriptures and Puranas in Sanskrit are precious treasures to preserve and learn.

1 review for Rituals & Practices of Hinduism

  1. CV Sastry

    In these days of highly mechanised and digitised living, a book like this is an eye-opener into our time-tested age old hindu traditions. Very lucidly explained in simple language, this is a must read not only for the young ones initiated into Brahmacharya, but also for their parents. Value for time and money.
    -NP Vishwanathan

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