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A must Read to Succeed

A must Read to Succeed


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ISBN 9789385020100
Languages English
Pages 292
Cover Paperback
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About The Book

“Stop counting failures
Start adding feedbacks”
Stop aiming to meet the expectations of others. It’s your life. Never doubt yourself, be confident, become your best. Step out of your comfort zone to achieve the incredible and to unleash your potential. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are and what you are. This book gives you unforgettable insights.
The selected life stories are of  people who have gone the extra mile to achieve their goal, many of them are from humble backgrounds.  This is a self -improvement book, self- study guide helping you to identify your goals and to realize your dreams. Understanding the past and being aware of the present is the best way to deal with challenges of today and tomorrow.

About The Author

Shantha is presently living in Africa with her family. She is
originally from Udupi, Karnataka. She has completed her
B.E. (E&C) from Bangalore University and M.Tech.
(IT) from KSOU. She started her career as a PCB design
engineer and then moved on to the IT industry. She has been
a keen participant in essay writing competitions and loves
writing poems.
She has worked for several MNC software companies when
residing in Bangalore. Writing has been a long
term passion with her since she was a child, it has culminated
in her first book – A Must Read to Succeed. She hopes to
write many more books that will inspire and help people.
Her intention is to support and inspire young people to
reach their full potential.

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