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The Wise One

by Rosamonde


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ISBN 978-93-86407-87-0
Languages English
Pages 70
Cover Paperback
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The Wise One has many people from the community come for advice on many aspects of their lives.
Through the spiritual, wise advice, they gain a deeper understanding of their lives and the topics they ask about. Such as, relationships, money, love,friendship, children, work, forgiveness, dreams, freedom, death, acceptance,self value, God, thoughts, joy, magic, stillness.

These simple, wise words will speak to you at a soul level, giving you greater insight into your life.

About the Author

Rosamonde is a metaphysical, spiritual explorer. Her exploration started at ten years, when she started to ask the questions “Who am I and where do I come from.” This quest has taken her to all corners of the world. Working and living in many cultures and environments, like the Cairo slums, working in bars in Lebanon. Living on the kibbutz in Israel. To ashrams in India, where she studied to be a yoga teacher.
Rosamonde has studied buddhism, bhakti yoga, siddha yoga, reiki,hypnotherapy, christianity, mindfulness and law of attraction.
Her personal education are life experiences and adventures. She meditates daily, and constantly practises listening to her intuition.


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