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Encounter Struggles and Achieve Success

Encounter Struggles and Achieve Success



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ISBN 978-93-95217-89-7
Languages English
Pages 266
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Encounter Struggles and Achieve Success


In his captivating memoir Encounter Struggles and Achieve Success, the author delves into a fascinating narrative of personal trials and tribulations spanning from his childhood to his years as a senior citizen. Through his compelling story, he imparts invaluable wisdom and inspires readers to confront challenges with unwavering determination, never succumbing to despair. Above all, he emphasizes the significance of placing unwavering faith in a higher power.
The author’s journey exemplifies resilience, tenacity, and a steady belief in a divine presence. He emphasises the pivotal role of education and unwavering adherence to core values such as honesty, integrity, and a commitment to serving society. As the narrative unfolds, the stark contrast between life in rural villages, bustling metros, and the developed Western world is vividly brought to life, offering profound insights into different ways of life.
The author’s experiences serve as a poignant reminder that no dream is beyond reach when one sets their mind to it, and ultimately, everything falls into place when we place our trust in the Supreme Being.

About the Author

Dr Musipatla Prabhakar is an experienced educator and administrator in Engineering Education for about 60 years. He worked as a professor, principal, and director. He was involved in student development and institutional development. He is currently an author and has written books.
He did his PhD in Civil Engineering. He resides in Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.

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