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Improve creative potential

How to be creative and change your life

by Ruchi Jindal


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ISBN 987-93-88497-52-7
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Pages 116
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Have you always wanted to be creative? Have you felt you are not creative enough? Then, this book is for you. Written by Ruchi Zindal who is a successful colour therapist. Ruchi conducts workshops and seminars to help people to improve their creative potential. The book helps you to understand creativity and guides you, to tap your  potential. The book contains inspiring stories, of well-known celebrities who struggled early in life but later
blossomed once they unleashed improved their creative potential.
The author believes, “Creativity is a hidden treasure that should be tapped into. When we utilize our creative abilities, we get inspired into stepping out of our comfort zone and taking risks to fulfill our dreams. We gather the courage to follow our passion and share our creative ideas with the world. Innovations and discoveries are the results of unleashing our creative potential.”
With inspirational stories and useful but simple tips, the author helps you to become creative and change your life for the better. So are you ready to improve your creative potential?


About the Author

Ruchi Zindal is a former lecturer, re-searcher, visionary in light and colour therapy. She is also a creativity expert and motivational speaker. She works as a colour therapist and conducts workshops and seminars about unleashing your creative potential. She is a registered member of the reputed International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM), England.
• She has completed her diploma in colour therapy and Iridology from the reputed School of Natural Health Sciences, London.
• Diploma in colour Therapy from S.N.H.S., London recognised by International college of holistic medicine.
• Diploma in Iridology (A grade with distinction) from S.N.H.S., London.
• She has conducted research on brain and mind healing. Currently, she is conducting workshops & seminars on how to unleash creative potential. Her work is based on pure scientific principles. She is a visionary in light therapy and colour therapy.
• Ruchi Zindal is a qualified lecturer in Economics. She has done her post graduate in Economics.


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