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Ultimate Happiness

by Kartar S Birar


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Find the ‘key to happiness,’  with Ultimate happiness. The Indian Happiness Index is 140/156 as per UNO survey 2019.  Wealth can’t buy health so what is the key to happiness? If health is wealth, is this the key to happiness? Ultimate Happiness, was originally titled as Health, Wealth and Happiness, is all about human needs and how a person can remain happy going through life. How a person can maintain good health and how he can earn and maintain reasonable wealth? In addition to Health and Wealth, other elements which provide happiness to a person are happy family, place in society and mental peace.
 Generally, we run after wealth and spoil our health.
 Then you spend your hard earned wealth to regain your health.
 Health and Happiness can’t be bought with wealth.
 It is a vicious circle and a good balance has to be maintained to attain happiness, mental peace and satisfaction.

I am sure the reader will find it quite interesting to read all these issues and finally be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

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About the Author

Brigadier Kartar Singh Birar (Retd) has been Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of Patanjali for over three year and officiating VC for one year. He has been VC of Shridhar University Pilani for two years, He holds five post graduations alongwith M.Phil and fellowship programme in ‘Emotional Intelligence’. He has served the Indian Army for 34 years and has held important command, instructional and staff appointments. He is dagger Defence Services Staff College wellington, commanded a line of control Brigade and has been Brigadier-in charge Administration of the Punjab Corps.

He is life member of Academy of Applied Psychology and a leading consultant in Health Psychology, Psychoanalytic problems and Psycho-sexual problems.

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