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Self-improvement book for students

BMETR and Self-Management For Students

by DR M. N. ROY


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Self-improvement book for students

Dr. M.N. Roy was the first surgeon to perform laparoscopic surgery in Bihar and is the author of two self-improvement books. This self-improvement book for students is the culmination of long hard research into the five factors which control our way of life and also steer us towards success if we exercise it in a disciplined fashion. Body (B), Mind (M), Emotions (E), Time (T) and Routine (R) make up this five-letter acronym BMETR. In the book, the doctor-author goes on to explain how each one of these elements, functions are connected.
The Body holds the rest of the METR within itself and acts as a factory for all critical mechanisms. The Mind and the psyche activate our cognitive thinking, thereby, stimulating our Emotions by which we respond from time to time. Time, as we all know, is the only element that is beyond our control as we have to function according to it. However, what is in our control is the power to manage this time through Routine.
Dr. Roy wishes to facilitate the youth in making rational decisions regarding their lives through this self-improvement book for young adults. He discusses in-depth about the discomforts and dilemmas that the young generation faces at the brink of their adolescence and also provide some easy solutions. He also discusses various techniques for students to excel in academics, such as SQ3R (Survey, Question and Read, Recite and Review), Mind Map and Flashcards which help young minds retain the vast and complex syllabus.

The self-improvement book for students is an attempt to educate and make aware young minds, free them of their inhibitions and motivate them to reach their goals with a clear sense of direction and definition of life.
Discipline, routine, pattern, time-management, concentration and meditation are some of the known yet underestimated virtues that Dr. M.N. Roy has highlighted and emphasised in the book, to bring back our attention to these details we have unwittingly bypassed over the years.
From a person who has shaped success for himself and others and has vast experience, the book is a treasure trove of knowledge, tips and tricks to master the art of life and achieve in the most systematic and certain way.

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About The Author

Dr.M.N.Roy’s M.B.B.S degree is from Patna Medical College 1960. He worked in different hospitals in U.K and Eire from 1961 to 1966. He acquired Fellowship of Edinburgh, U.K in 1966.
On his return to India, he worked in Patna Medical College Hospital and later joined Bihar State Health Service and obtained M.S. in General surgery. He finally settled in the district town of Begusarai servicing the needy masses of the hinterland as a surgeon for over 5 decades.

Dr. Roy has also published two books on Management for Doctors. He has been awarded Fellowship by the Indian Association of Medical Specialties in 1985.

He was elected a Fellow of the Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeon in 2008.

He was presented with a scroll of honour by the Bihar chapter of A.S.I in 2005 for his outstanding services to the society for rendering standard surgical Care and doing Endoscopic & Laparoscopic General and Gynaecological Surgery.

A teacher by example for all those who strive to be the best that they can be.




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