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Book on Spirituality

Aphorisms of Light

by Swami Paramatmananda


ISBN 978-81-944234-6-1
Languages English
Pages 206
Cover Paperback


Aphorisms of Light

A book on how to welcome spirituality into your life.

Every time I discovered something new with the help of God, which then revealed itself to me as being extraordinary, I experienced overwhelming states of wonder.

Almost every time I experienced such deep states of wonder, I then bowed, full of gratitude and humility, before God. Every time I did this, God answered me and poured into my being an indescribable and overwhelming Grace which impelled me to become, for a certain period of time, tangent to infinity.

Believe in miracles with unshakable faith, because only in this way will you be able to attract and rely on them.
When a person is no longer capable of marvelling at anything or anyone around him, and this state is persistent, it shows that he has already stopped living the way he should; because this is a sign that his heart has turned to stone and his soul is dead.

Mother nature is still full of mystery and it always has available countless wonderful possibilities, which can be successfully used only by those who know them very well and therefore cherish them.

This book on spirituality will help the believers feel blessed and closer to God. Uplifting of both of mind and body.


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