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Religion and Spirituality

Random Walks In Solitude

by Anil Vishnu Moharir


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Random Walks In Solitude

Glimpses of Religion and Spirituality through the Eyes of Modern Science


The ‘Random Walks in Solitude: Glimpses of Religion and Spirituality through the Eyes of Modern Science’ is a collection of articles published by the author since 2006 AD. The topics include some of the most complex and enigmatic subjects as ‘Concept of Prana’, ‘Universal Consciousness’, ‘Scientific basis of Samudra Manthan the Proverbial Churning of Cosmic Ocean’, ‘Lord Dattatreya’,Ardha-Nari-Nateshwara’ and ‘Science behind ‘Yogic Samadhi’. While doing so, the author does not claim that his interpretations on some of these enigmatic concepts are exactly true, but in the absence of any serious attempt done so far, they feel refreshing and he has attempted to re-validate religion and spirituality on scientific logic and reasons. Otherwise, we as a community were just holding them dear to our hearts for thousands of years as fanciful stories. These concepts were conceived and described by our ancient ‘Rishis’ in native terminologies and language and since then, have remained a part of our psyche in our life. Today, as professional scientists, we need to re-look to these concepts afresh from modern scientific perspective, identify and correlate them with current scientifically analogous terminologies, without losing their original perceptive meaning, they conveyed to our minds. In this respect, the logical scientific interpretations of the concepts of ‘Soul’, ‘Rebirth’, ‘Work’ and the ‘Law of Karma’, published earlier by the author, have received considerable attention and appreciation. In the same spirit, the author hopes that the readers would find this book also equally interesting, innovative, refreshing and scientifically logical to realize the continued relevance of the ‘Sanatan Vedic Philosophy’ even in the twenty first century.

Dr. Anil Vishnu Moharir, M. Sc. Physics, Ph.D. (IIT-Delhi), Professor and Head, (Retd.) Division of Agricultural Physics, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 

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“I have pleasure to see the efforts put in by Dr. Anil Vishnu Moharir, who is a trained physicist with vast research experience in the field of biology and agriculture to write very comprehensive, multidisciplinary articles explaining our various ancient concepts from the modern scientific point of view. I congratulate Dr. Anil Vishnu Moharir for his contribution and publishing his articles in the form of this book. Considering the diverse subject matter of his articles, the title of his book itself reflects the vast canvas of knowledge he has attempted to link together. Only a truly gifted individual can do it. I strongly recommend this book to all students in our universities and colleges. Students will learn much more beyond their class room teachings from this useful book”. 

Dr, Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar, Ph.D., F.N.A.E., Padma Bhushan, Computer Specialist, Credited for making the country self-reliant in super-computing. Former Chancellor-Nalanda International University and currently the Chief Mentor–India International Multiversity, Pune.

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