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by Dr. Sujatha Arun ( M.D)


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What readers say about the book

Your beautiful heart…

What a beautiful story of the heart. JUST BEING is a journey of the soul that starts out with judgement, moves into guilt and shame and is then broken open at the heart. The journey is marked with beautiful personal moments in which deep reflection allows one to both feel and see the transformation that is within each of us. May these words inspire many others to open their hearts and allow the resonance with everything teach them and hold them.

Thank you for sharing, I have grown from your journey as well.

Julie Vielieu Thompson

JUST BEING is very well written! So very touching. Some areas brought tears to my eyes. You are a wonderful human being Suj. So amazed by your humanity and affection for your family and the community at large that shines through….

Dr. Badrinath Konety

JUST BEING is  very well written. To the point and straight from the heart.

Dr.Shubha Rao

Simply Wonderful. Feeling blessed to have been able to get and read this Classic Writing!!!!

Gurudev Devendra Baliga

Finished the book in one go. Couldn’t keep it down without finishing it. It is soul stirring and certainly enriching. Loved it. Also the writing is so coherent yet immersive. I want more!!!!


Your divine experience is nerve touching- literally. Your book gives assurance for the ones who hold the trust, help will certainly come when we need it….


Beautiful and enchanting. Couldn’t put it down …


I had goosebumps…. Couldn’t put it down.



About the Author

Dr. Sujatha Arun MBBS, MD, is a Pathologist with 28 years of experience and now also a Health and Wellness expert.

She underwent a transformative realisation which culminated in seeing the Light of the heart and mind, leading to integration.

She was motivated to write the experience and let everyone who reads it to know that this is within the reach of every human being inhabiting Planet Earth. The author now knows from her experience that such a transformation can erase geographical borders and physical identities and lead to Divine Harmony, which is the ultimate destination of every human being.

7 reviews for JUST BEING

  1. Srini Rangarajan

    An interpretive reflection of a life, I hope it enables a better living for readers!

  2. Kumar Loganathan

    I do believe one needs to be “healed” in order to not inflict pain on others. One also needs self awareness and empathy. Without the two, one won’t be inclined to seek healing anyway. Suj’s transformational story is about healing. Only by expanding one’s perception, one develops greater self awareness and awareness of others. And through kindness and empathy, you try to dissolve the ego and evolve towards a better world.

    It is evident that we all have the strength, empathy, and patience to deal with whatever lies on the road ahead. Through awareness and humility, you gain wisdom to recover from all the setbacks in life. And when one has courage to accept, openly and truly love, they in turn, live not just for themselves but for everyone. Suj takes you through her journey in down to earth language. You see the compassion, trust in one’s own innately divinely self, resilience, humility, purpose, clarity, grief, leading to alignment, beauty, and life itself. A delightful read of a real life transformation.

  3. Krishna Vasudevan

    Being a very thought provoking and explorative representation of Dr. Sujatha Arun’s life, the book inspires to open up the mind and the heart to the world – Trust and help will always come!

  4. Anita Bhaduri

    Received your book yesterday and read it through. What a transformative experience you have had. 👌👌👌
    It’s so important to have everyone experience this process . I felt the same way in 2015 after losing my husband. Could so, so,so relate to it. 🎉
    Deeply life changing! Congratulations,Sujata.

  5. Mahesh Balkavade


    Couldn’t keep it down. Bat & Scar analogies are just mind blowing and thought-provoking too. I am sure once you read this book you will definitely start looking at Life with different perspective. Life is worth every moment. It is for us to see it’s beauty and potential by “Just Being” and allow every other being to “Just Be” too. Really a sublime feeling…🌸

  6. Vatsala Ravi Krishnan

    Just Being is a beautiful amalgamation of the consciousness of the heart and the animated life around us and how each of these aspects designs the course of one’s life. Your style of writing, intertwining real events with evidence based medical facts, makes it an interesting read. It resonated to many of the incidences in my own surroundings. You have beautifully brought out the ‘urge to purge’ oneself from the past incidences with your immersive experience and crisp detailing. Enjoyed reading it thoroughly!

  7. Arvind Rao

    Such simplistic yet effective way of writing that I could almost feel that the author talking to me via her writing. The bat analogy in the book was an amazing thought and its etched in my mind now. A must read for people to get a glimpse into the authors journey to self realisation.

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