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Jai Maha Leela

by Pramod Sonar


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ISBN 9789390640232
Languages English
Pages 250
Cover Paperback
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Jai Maha Leela

The reader will enjoy reading JAI MAHA LEELA, a book of beauty and joy. It will help you lead a happy, balanced life with love, peace, compassion, and harmony. The book is full of scientific, spiritual knowledge and wisdom of our true self and the reality of nature. Remember ‘You Are what you Practice! The meditation techniques and spiritual practices mentioned in this book will make you feel the presence of your body, mind, and spirit in the present moment. You will be more focused on your creative activity, it will enrich your Soul. Also, inspire, motivate, and help improve your personality. You will learn the spiritual art of knowing, transforming, and enjoying the beauty of your true being.
Spiritual wisdom guides you towards becoming superhuman by developing balance, the right mindset, skills, and strengths to pave your path through the turbulence of your inner and outer world. Today our world needs people to strive towards innovation, earn good merit, an abundance of material wellness and spiritual well-being who are friendly humane and possess love for nature. The transformation of individuals and collective to become global personalities is the solution for all worldly problems and the spiritual evolution of mankind.


  1. MahaGuruAnubhava – The Great Master’s Divine Experience
    2. MahaPurushartha – The Great Glorious Spiritual Personality. Ideal Model for Glorious Integral Personality Development
    3. MahaUtthan – The Great Spiritual Upliftment. Ideal Path of Divine Spiritual Ascent.
    4. MahaMantras, MahaYantras, MahaTantras, MahaShlokas – The Great Spiritual Power Boosters
    5. MahaBodhVakyas – The Great Life Quotes
    6. MahaAtmanubhuti – The Great Self-Realization.
    Dharana – Dhyana – Samadhi (Concentration – Meditation – Liberation)
    7. MahaGunaDharma – The Great Spiritual Qualities. The Integral Global Personality Development
    8. MahaSatsang – MahaUtsav – The Great Spiritual Collective Joyous Celebrations. Art, Music, Creativity, Singing, Dancing, Wellness, and Wellbeing
    9. MahaBhajans – MahaAartis – Sublime Divine Harmony
    10. MahaPrarthana- MahaStuti – MahaPratidnya – The Great Prayers – Praise – Affirmations
    11. MahaAdhyatmaSadhana – The Great Spiritual practice. Spiritual Healing & wellbeing
    12. MahaParivartana – Naad-Brahman Synchronous Resonance Transcendence Art. The Great Zero-Point Power Transformation. Incredible Turning Point
    13. MahaSadhaka – MahaSatsangSeva – MahaGuruKripa – MahaAvahana – The Great Spiritual Seeking and
    Practice – Divine Collective Service – MahaGuru’s Divine Blessings – Great Appeal



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