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The Seven Circles of Dharma

The Seven Circles of Dharma

by Ashok Thussu


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ISBN 9789395217309
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Pages 132
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Learning and practicing The Seven Circles of Dharma is a secure way for any person to live a worthwhile,  ethical and fulfilling life. It is a powerful NEW method of Personal Leadership that allows you to be intuitively fair in your thoughts and actions.

Dharma can be said to be the righteous way of action to do what is right and good without harming others’ rights, it is a path that leads to happiness and success. In India we often say, Dharam ka palan karo (inculcate and follow the way of Dharma), the dilemma has always been to figure out these right actions as we strain to live or walk the correct path.

This book unravels the easy-to-use methodology that enables one to do this and helps find a worth it perfect balance between alternative decisions which we face throughout our life. The author discovered the pathway while listening to some rambling discourses by a Guru in Kashmir – in which the secret was deeply submerged and hidden.

The consequence of action is key and is often ignored in fast and complex environments as we do not have the right frame of reference to judge and don’t know the method to do this quickly. This book will empower you with an amazingly easy to follow secret process that shows you how to do this and act with a guilt free mind.

It is Dharma – the correct way of thinking and resulting action that YOU will master for greater mental peace.

The exclusive secret of how-to is inside The Seven Circles of Dharma

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Ashok Thussu is an engineer by qualification and has rich experience in manufacturing and the services sectors. For the past 2 decades he has been involved in developing leaders to their full potential – a Leadership Guru in his own right.

He was the National Coordinator for a project on formulating competitive strategies and developed an expert system software for this when he worked with UNIDO on a term contract.

He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies and many others. He has been a speaker at several Industry events, webinars and TV shows. He has also presented papers at international conventions. He has authored copyrighted methodologies in management decision making areas.

He is currently the Co Master Licensee for Leadership Management International Inc., a Texas based company present in over 90 countries. He looks after the LMI business in South Asia.

He has been a Rotarian for over 25 years and is also a Paul Harris fellow.

Touch a life and make a difference is what he believes in and practices.


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