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LED Lighting Fundamentals….

by Hanu Yadav


ISBN 9789385020018
Languages English
Pages 204
Cover Paperback

Genre: Technical, Engineering, Academics


The detailed text in this edition is on all aspect of LED lighting technologies from the Physics of optics and Thermal design to their application.
The information is organised in three parts. First part introduces the basics of LED lights, second introduces the fundamentals of lighting design, case studies and thermal aspect, and LED lighting systems. The third part deals with, if the technical papers names the future of technical lighting. Ways to identify the technical papers names and the future of lighting. Ways to identify LED power chips and LED buyers guide.
This text is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Engineering, for their course on LED lighting, besides this the book will be immensely useful for teachers, researchers and professionals working in the LED lighting field. In a nutshell this book is an absolute must read for all those who want to understand and apply the basics behind LED lighting devices and systems.

About The Author:
Hanu Yadav is a B Tech in Electronics and Communication currently also pursuing his MBA from Symbiosis. His passion and expertise lies in lighting. To polish his expertise he has not only attended many conferences but has also presented technical papers on the Future of Lighting, at various conferences in India. LED lighting in particular is of special interest to him. Has had a brief stint working in a green energy sector.
His range of interest are wide and from being a motivational speaker, mentor, career counsellor to supporting, I lead India and Greenpeace causes. He has done it all.
When he is not working, he is reading business/nonfiction books, Investing, photography, travelling, adventure sports, gyming, exploring food stalls, family and children.
His motto is: every obstacle in the life is an illusion.


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