Zorba’s Pick of Sports Book

Why is ‘How India Won Its Olympic Medals‘ the best in sports book category published in 2020 by Zorba Books?

While we have published a fair number of books under the sports genre but as a sports book we picked ‘How India Won Its Olympic Medals‘ as the best sports book because:

  • Sports in India has always got the short shrift and hence the oft dismal performance in the International sporting arena. This book goes some way in arousing an interest in sports and winning medals.
  • This book focuses on the Olympic Medals we have won and reflects the inspiration and hard work that has gone into winning those medals. The stories act as a motivating and a guiding force for those interested in a sporting career.
  • Providing India’s sporting Heroes with some limelight no matter how small.
  • The book is a result of spending decades writing as a sports journalist and sports commentator. And hence the content, writing style and language encourages reading.
  • The author has been principal in reputed schools as Raunak Public School and as an academician in prestigious schools such as Modern Public School Barakhamba Road. This reflects in the book being thoroughly researched and factual.