Which book publishing company is good for me?

Your manuscript is almost ready and you are looking for a good book publishing company to publish your book.

Once you start the task of finding a book publishing company you will realize the job is difficult for a first time author to even  find a literary agent let alone a publisher who will take on the book.

If this is the scenario you have a couple of options:

  1. Continue your dream of finding a good traditional publisher, infinitum.
  2. Give yourself a reasonable time frame to find a good publisher and then take a call to follow point no 3, 4 or 5.
  3. Self-publish the book
  4. Find a good self-publishing company to help you publish your book
  5. Junk the idea to publish the book, altogether.

 If point no 1 is your choice: You need lots of patience and perseverance, a good literary agent and a book that will appeal to a publisher.

 If point no 2 is your choice: You have spent a reasonable amount of time and effort to find a novel publisher for your book and then taken the next best option. In most cases this is a satisfying option.

 If point 3 is your choice: Time will be the biggest factor that you will need to contribute, to finding the various processes that go into book production but also the professional way to carry out those processes. Risk is – you may still not match the skill of a professional and despite immense amount of effort the book may turnout shoddy in appearance and you may or may not have saved any money.

 If point 4 is your choice: Be prepared to spend money, get professional editing done and be prepared to market your book.

 If point no. 5 is your choice: then ‘Nothing ventured nothing gained’

We have myriad publishing choices available to us. So cheers to choices!

If your choice is a good self-publishing company?

Self-publishing is getting a lot of exposure in the National dailies, leading to increased awareness and curiosity about the availability of alternative modes of publishing. It has caught the fancy of numerous authors who want to know how do I select the best expert publishing/self/Vanity publishing/POD company?

There is no one answer that fits all authors. However there are broad pointers one can look at while deciding which  book publishing company can work for you.

  1. List out your most important goals. The goals you are hoping to achieve by publishing this novel. May be you want recognition as an author, to improve standing in your professional community or open doors to various public platforms like invitation to panel discussions, featuring in the local media etc.
  2. Determine the approx. amount of money you are willing to invest in expert publishing.
  3. The services you most need for publishing your book.
  4. Once you have the above, speak to people who have published and get their inputs on the process and the companies.
  5. Check online the feedback different self-publishing companies have got. This helps to measure the level of services actually being offered.
  6. Narrow down your search to 2-3 companies that have received good feedback and meets your goal.
  7. Then order one book which they have recently published, to check for finish and product quality.
  8.  Ask for hidden costs.

By this stage you are all set to start correspondence with one or two companies that you have narrowed down your search to.