Straight from my heart – why you must keep writing

Nitin Sharma is a successful author,
his sixth and latest book is “Dear Office, You Suck

To me, writing means freedom to express myself. What I can’t say directly to every person reaches thousands of readers through my books. I must emphasise that I have been a voracious reader right from my childhood. As a kid, I used to read comic books (mostly the Indian ones). Gradually I progressed to novels, autobiographies and even cumbersome business books. Eventually the habit prompted me to write, and the result was ‘Dear Office, You Suck!’, a comedy.

Dear Office’ follows the life of a young man, Vishesh Mehta, who thinks MBA is a one-way ticket to a lavish life of comfort and delight. However, when this student becomes a junior employee, he finds out that the corporate world is not a bed of roses. After passing through a nerve-wracking period, ultimately he unites with his true love and friends and discovers the true meaning of his own name. I can assure you that you’ll find it amusing.

When I was doing my MBA (International Business), I realised that the books written by many Indian professionals tended to be more formal than user-friendly. They did not talk to the reader directly! That was the moment I thought about writing a more informal, student-friendly book on Group Discussion. The idea worked, and the book ‘Group Discussion: More Than 100 Topics Covered’ has been in top five in its category on various websites. ‘Dear Office, You Suck!’ is my sixth published book.

Some writers develop the plot as the book progresses, while others prefer to prepare a ‘skeleton’ first, to which they give the body as they progress. Both methods have been incredibly successful. It depends entirely on your choice and style of writing.

Advice for new writers
Keep reading, keep writing. As simple as that. Practice will make you excellent one day. I don’t think there is a secret. I am now happily engaged writing my 7th book!

Enjoy reading and writing! I’d love to hear from you, do leave your comments

Nitin Sharma

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