Find your Favourite Books at the Sunday Book Market

Daryaganj book market, in Delhi

Closed and reopened in the span of a month! Starting September 2019, Delhi’s Daryaganj book bazaar has a new location now. It has been relocated to a more organised area the Mahila Haat near Delhi Gate metro station, close to Asaf Ali road.

Love books? Want to save money? Want some rare and not so rare books? Do you live in the NCR region? Visiting Delhi? Want to explore Daryaganj book market online? Here is the perfect solution for you -The Sunday Daryaganj book market in Delhi. The inescapable joy of seeing books lining the street of the old city with heritage monuments standing sentinel all around whispering stories of their own. All this at very little cost to you.

This is the haat of books,the Daryaganj book market in Delhi. You name the publisher and books published by them will be there. Name an author and he will pop up in one of the many stalls lining the street. Don’t expect to find fancy shops or shop attendants. Although many men selling the books are surprising familiar with the books they are selling but don’t bank on it. The books are neatly arranged along the pavement, sometimes the books are heaped in a pile and you have to shift through them to find the treasure you are looking for. It’s possible to get a first edition, rare books and even books signed by authors at a dirt cheap price, Rs 20, Rs.40, Rs.100 coffee table book for a mere Rs 400, is what you can pick the book up for.

Looking for dictionaries, books on art, technology, self-help, photography, travel, mangement, fiction – Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton and Kafka collections, non-fiction, graphic novels, light romance, thrillers. just name it and the possibility of finding it here is high. Browsing, haggling and finally coming out with the books you need and a whole lot of books you do not need but always wanted to read at the Daryaganj book market in Delhi.

The joy of glancing at heaps of books for as far as the eye can see for a book lover is the stuff of dreams. The possibility of surprise is just around the corner.

Daryaganj Book Market nearest metro station: The Daryaganj book market is located near Asaf Ali Road at The Mahila Haat. This market is open only on a Sunday. The easiest way to reach there is by Metro. The metro station is Delhi Gate metro station.
Taking the car or two wheeler also works as there is ample parking space, you will be able to find parking fairly easily.

You should aim to be there latest by 10 am otherwise the market gets really crowded and you may find that the best books are already gone. Come prepared with time to browse 3-4 hours is ideal. Bargaining is a given so once you have zeroed in on a book that you fancy start bargaining.

If you are looking for new or second hand educational books or books that meet the course curriculum then another book market which is both reasonably priced and close by is the book market at Nai Sadak, next to Chawri Bazaar and the Chandni Chowk Metro Station. Here you can find both first hand and second hand school or college books. You will need to earmark a week day for Nai Sadak as this market is closed on Sunday. On week days Monday to Saturday this market is bustling with people. The shopkeepers are very organized and knowledgeable.

Explore the Sunday second hand book market at Daryaganjonline book libraries – ghar baithai kitab ka maja lo, join a book club. combine your two loves books and food, The options for a book lover is endless.

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