Where can Book Lovers Satisfy their Hunger?

Book coffee shops in Delhi, NCR

Bookstores have a charm of their own. Shelves upon shelves lined with known and undiscovered treasures. As you pull out a treasure, plonk yourself in a chair and leaf through its inviting pages. What can raise this experience to another level, is a steaming cup of coffee or sandwich to chew on while the book satiates the mind and the food satiates the belly. Now both are happy and at peace.

Cafe’s and Bookstores are an irresistible combination for sure. For all those food loving bibliophiles, it’s time to celebrate in book cafes or coffee shop for those who live in Delhi, NCR

We at Zorba Books, bring you the best Book Cafes. Cafes based on books or located in book stores, that you just can’t afford to miss:


USP: You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book which is long enough”. Cha Bar dictum. It is a first of its kind, urban contemporary cafe.

The idea:  Every Cha Bar is housed inside an Oxford Bookstore. Cha Bar provides a holistic reading experience, by allowing bibliophiles to browse books at leisure, over a cup of tea.

Oxford Bookstore shelves are stocked with the best in Indian Writing, International Fiction and translations.  A wide range of titles in Travel Writing, books that showcase the essence of New Delhi and a specially curated section of books on tea are other highlights. Also, The Oxford Bookstore hosts India’s only literary festival created by a bookstore.

Alongside a variety of book launches, literary conversations and platforms like Hindi Mahotsav and Language Symposium also take place. Besides these the Cha Bar also hosts a series of Pink Tea Cup Conversation series, fashion talks, poetry and comedy events, interesting cookery events and tea tasting!

Go for it if you like: Tea, English classics,  the smell of books and an old-world charm!

Nearest Metro Station:  Rajeev Chowk and Barakhamba


USP: A treat for all the GOT fans out there (Game of Thrones based on the book – A Song of Ice and Fire). The cafe hosts excellent decor with the iron throne being the star of this cafe! There is parking, outside dinning space and*free Wi-Fi*

The idea: The cafe is based on George RR Martin’s Bestselling Novel series, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Westeros holds quizzes based on the GOT series and also arranges for GOT screenings.

VallarMorghlis translates as All Men Must Die(is a popular phrase from A Song of Ice and Fire) if that is true then why hold back and eat all you can! The cafe serves North Indian and Continental cuisine.

Go for it if you like: Game of Thrones, the book – A Song of Ice and Fire, rustic interiors,  or a grunge feel.

Nearest Metro Station: Moolchand and Lajpat Nagar


USP: First of its kind cafe, dedicated to Minions! The food, ambiance and the happy go lucky atmosphere along with the yellow and blue minion combo is a visual treat.

Minion is a computer animated comedy film on which a book ‘Minions a Junior Novel’ was based.

To make sure the memories you make at the cafe are permanent, there is a Minion Corner, where you can click photos with quirky minion props!

The idea: It is safe to assume that everybody loves minions. The cafe which opened this year,2017, offers a variety of food in the beautiful minion themed yellow and blue backdrop.

Go for it if you like: Visit the café if you adore minions, have a sense of fun or want an eating out experience with a difference.

Nearest MetroStation: NirmanVihar


USP: India’s first travel cafe and it runs on pay-what-you-like-model. Also *free Wi-Fi*

The idea:We travel. What do you do?” These words have been founder, Ajay Jain’s signature since 2007.And since the start of this journey, he has looked back only to reverse his car.

Kunzum Cafe is a place for travellers and book lovers to meet, read books, make friends, even connect with future travel partners –while spending the day bumming around over coffee

Kumzum café supports books in myriad ways they have a small library, book reading, book launches, book discussions and more.

Go for it if you like: Books, travelling, philosophy and are a true wanderlust at heart!

Nearest Metro Station: Green Park and Hauz Khas

Explore the Sunday second hand book market at Daryaganj, online book librariesghar baithai kitab ka maja lo, join a book club. The options for a book lover is endless.

My books are likely to contain food stains and rings from my tea cups. A book is to be lived with and used

Kristin Cashore

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