Book clubs in Delhi and book clubs in Gurgaon, for book lovers

You know that feeling –  you have finished a book, and you just have to talk about it with someone? Despair not. We are bringing to you just the places you are going to love. The right place for you would be a book club in Delhi, where you can meet like-minded book lovers who also love to read and talk about books.

All you need to do once you have finished reading the blog is to decide on the book club in Delhi that best suits you and get in touch with them.

We, at Zorba Books,  have researched the hippest book clubs in Delhi & Gurgaon (NCR) that you just can’t afford to miss. Check’em out:


USP: It is one of the largest and most active book clubs in Delhi NCR. They have over 4,000 members. Life membership is completely free. Their members receive special invites to book releases and launches and festivals. Complimentary food and beverage are served to members who attend the group meetings and events.

Activities:  They discuss all genres of books. The club recently held the release of the book Bahubali, which was launched by the star cast of the movie Bahubali, which included SS Rajamouli, Ramya Krishnan, and Rana Dagubbati.

Become a member! : Join the club by contacting them through their website.

Read More:  Founding members, are also Chief Advisors and an integral part of the organizing team of the Delhi Literature Festival committee.


USP: The club hosts two types of sessions:

  1. Autograph: In these sessions, authors come and talk about their books
  2. Whiteboard: These are workshops by authors or publishers
  • Activities:  This Gurgaon Book Club hosts several authors in their meetups. They believe that intimate discussions with authors are much better than listening to them in sessions or at various events.
  • Books of various genres are discussed at length, inspirational books, finance books, Bollywood, fiction, fiction for kids, and more.
  • The idea is to form a community of literary enthusiasts in the region. These have become networking communities as we discover indulgences and reading interests of like-minded individuals
  • The club has been able to successfully host various meet-ups with renowned authors. The latest one being, NDTV’s Sunetra Chaudhary, on July 1st, to discuss her new book.

The members usually meet up at various coffee shops and co-working spaces in and around Gurgaon.

Become a member:  One can easily sign up for free membership on their website

Read More: The club was started by an independent technology columnist and digital consultant in the year 2014. Since then, there has been no looking back.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) CLUB DELHI

USP:  BYOB is a book club with a twist. Instead of deciding on a book that members should read and then meet to discuss, each member brings one of his/her own books to the meet and tells everyone else about it. This makes it easier for people to attend frequently, helping create a tightly knit community of bibliophiles. They also have a crowdsourced library, from which a member may withdraw as many books as they have lent.

Activities: Some of the meets are general meets, where the member may bring any book they want, and other meets revolve around a specific theme, such as poetry, comics, non-fiction, queer literature or books of a certain genre or written by authors of a certain nationality.

They also screen movies adapted from books, like The Little Prince and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, followed by a discussion on both the novel and the movie. Other times, they invite an author to speak about their book and then discuss a general theme connected with that book. Recent invitees include Bee Rowlatt and Rosalyn D’Mello, and for their meeting on July 2, they had invited Tarini Bedi for an anthropology-themed meeting.

Become a member! : Find a BYOB near you, it has chapters in many cities across India including Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai, Surat and Hyderabad. You can join simply by attending a meet. To register for an upcoming meet, just follow the instructions given on the event page on Facebook.

Read More:  It also has a crowd-sourced library, from which a member may withdraw as many books as they have lent. Recent invitees included Bee Rowlatt and Rosalyn D’Mello, and Tarini Bedi for an anthropology-themed meet


USP: This Delhi Book Club passionately discusses books, critiques literature and members defend their favourites. The idea behind the book club is to give bookworms a platform to interact, indulge in their passion for books and learn from like-minded folks.

Activities: The group has been holding meetups regularly with the theme ‘Read Lines From Your Favourite Books’ and the response has been overwhelming. The book club welcomes discussions on all genres. Both theme-centric and general meetups are held.

The group is being run by a doctor who is a published author and a dentist by profession.

Become a member! : People can become members via the Talking Books Facebook page.

Read More: Talking Books is in Delhi and now also has branches in Jhansi UP, Gwalior MP and Chhatarpur MP 


 USP: Gurgaon’s Literary Art Club (GLiterARTi) The club encourages authors and publishers to organize their book launches at Gurgaon and to organise literacy meets, photography, sculpture, theater and creative writing workshops. In early 2013 Cyber Hub was a sleepy little place, GLiterARTi organized a major literary meet in December 2013 at Cyber Hub, which was hugely successful and was an important initiative in creating awareness about Cyber Hub.

Activities: book discussion sessions to discuss a pre-selected book. The books selected are of various genres. Club meeting is generally held from 5.00 to 6.00 PM in DLF City Club Phase – IV on a Saturday afternoon to discuss a pre-selected book.

Become a member !: The membership is open to all

Read More: GLiterARTi was started by 8 book lovers, at Gurgaon in 2010.  The latest literary meet, Facts & Fiction was organized on 29th April’17 where the celebrated historian William Dalrymple and former Ambassador Prabhu Dayal were invited to speak among others.

You have gone through the most happening book clubs, what’s your verdict? Would you still spend your precious time in mundane activities and scrolling through the same ol’ Instagram, FB or join a book club and get your monthly dose of literary discussion and coffee with a bunch of other cool people?

If this blog appeals to you, share it with your book-loving friends so they too can join a book club and meet interesting people, socialise with like-minded book fans, and gain a new perspective. Tell us about new book clubs you have come across in Delhi. We will add the information to this post, to help readers.

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