Zorba’s Pick of Medical Text Book

Why NARAYANA CONCISE TEXTBOOK OF CLINICAL ANATOMY is the best in medical textbook published in 2020 by Zorba Books?

While we have published many books under the textbook genre but as a self-published medical text book we picked ‘NARAYANA CONCISE TEXTBOOK OF CLINICAL ANATOMY‘ as the best medical text book because:

  • The book aims to make the learning of Clinical Anatomy easier for medical students.
  • The book is a result of spending decades facing medical students frustration of having to spend an awful amount of time flipping through thick clinical anatomy textbooks to find answers
  • The book is a result of decades of academic experience in various top teaching Medical establishments in India. It contains all important areas of clinical anatomy within 200 odd pages
  • A book that works as a quick reference for medical students and practitioners.
  • It is receiving tremendous attention from the medical student and teaching community.

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