Print On Demand Books the Future of Publishing in India

Print on demand books is becoming increasingly popular in India as an alternative to traditional printing methods. This article explains why this new technology is becoming more popular and how it can benefit authors and readers in India. Print on demand (POD) books are becoming more popular in India, for good reason.

  • A printing technique in which books are printed only when there is an order for them.
  • Print on demand (POD)also reduces the amount of waste created from unsold books.

Benefits of Print-on-demand Books in India

  • Lower inventory costs as printing is done only on demand.
  • There is no need to tie up large sums of money in keeping stocks of books in warehouses.
  • Reduced risk of unsold books and thus no losses due to overstocking.

How is print-on-demand disrupting the publishing Industry in India?

  • Print on demand books India, has allowed authors to self-publish their work, eliminating the need for a traditional publisher.
  • It has made books more accessible to readers in remote locations, reducing the distribution cost and making them more widely available.
  • It has enabled publishers to reach a larger audience.

More than 20 regional languages are spoken in India. As the number of published books increased, it became too expensive for publishing houses to make literature available in regional languages. Even if books didn’t make enough sale they had to be printed in large quantities. Publishers faced a dilemma: to keep holding stock that would not sell and make losses or reduce the number of copies printed per the market demand.

Printing on demand

New Printing Model of POD

This new printing model of POD, made it possible for traditional publishing to make a profit even while publishing regional books and for indie authors, self-publishing became possible. Imagine having to store one thousand copies and lock up precious funds in printing and storing them.

Indie authors must note that though POD model offers the benefit of printing even one copy of the book, single-book printing costs are high. Most POD companies offer a minimum print run of 20- 50 copies, keeping printing costs reasonable.
In 2018, the print circulation revenue was led by the Hindi-speaking market, with a revenue of almost 40 billion Indian rupees.

Physical books have had an easier time navigating the digital age than newspapers and magazines. Although printed books remain the most favourable option for consumers despite digital growth, print revenue remains far higher.

  • Print-on-demand has revolutionized the publishing industry in India, providing authors and publishers with new opportunities to reach readers.
  • The typical price of book printing on demand in India varies according to the publisher and book specs.
  • The best print on demand book companies have allowed for more cost-effective production and distribution of books, making them more widely available.
  • Print on demand books India, has also enabled publishers to create books in various formats, making them more accessible to readers.

Where can I print-on-demand books with international delivery?

While living in India, it may seem fanciful that one can opt for print on demand books with international delivery. But the truth is changing times have made it possible and few reputed companies offer you the option of print on demand books with international delivery. The amazon print-on-demand books with international delivery is somewhat limited to distribution on Amazon in various countries and can be complicated. However, there are best print on demand book companies that offer international delivery with no headache, lower cost, higher distribution and simple procedure.

Is print-on-demand the same as indie publishing?

Print-on-demand is an important part of indie publishing. As a writer that is taking the Indie publishing route has an option to take POD route to print books or bulk printing of books. Though we must emphasize that for most indie authors POD is the best way forward till you have a steady string of orders flowing in.

How much does it cost to publish a 250 pages book in India?

To calculate the cost to publish a 250 pages book in India, you must first decide the services you would like to take. The best would be to look at a company’s publishing packages. They will list services and cost for different book publishing packages. A 250 pages book publishing cost can range between Rs 20,000 to over a lakh, depending on the services taken.

If you want to calculate the print price of a book with 250 pages, go to the royalty calculator, and calculate the MRP of a book with 250 pages. The indicated MRP divided by two is the cost of printing a book with 250 pages.

Writers are naturally curious to know how print-on-demand services can help them as opposed to publishing a book independently, with no professional help. We suggest going in for POD services when looking for quality, attractiveness and best publishing practices. This will help you to market your books better and be proud of the final product.

Do thorough research while deciding which book publishing services company you should go with.

Is it possible to split profits with print-on-demand self-publishing?

Most print-on-demand self-publishing, do not follow the model of splitting profits. However, it could be worth a try.

How much does it cost to publish a book in India?

The cost to publish a book in India will depend upon three main factors:

  • The publishing services required e.g., book cover design, editing, and illustrations.
  • The level of service required e.g., basic, superior, customized.
  • The level of professionalism and experience of the staff, who executes your work.

Best print on demand book companies

Though it is true that ‘no one size fits all,’ there are some aspects you can look at to arrive at whether the print on demand book companies is even worth exploring. Amazon print-on-demand books and Zorba Books offer some of the lowest POD costs.

We have some of the best in-house publishing experts who can guide you in choosing the best option according to your book.

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