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A Life Of A Physicist In Agricultural Research

by Anil Vishnu Moharir


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A Life of a Physicist in Agricultural Research:

A Professional Autobiography’

“There are not many books of this nature and kind in India on the history of scientific research coming straight from the participating scientist himself. In that sense the book-‘A Life of a physicist in agricultural research: A Professional autobiography’ by Professor Anil Vishnu Moharir makes a significant contribution in chronicling the work done by him in the Indian context. Efforts put in by Professor Moharir would motivate many young and bright students of physics to foray in the field of biology and agriculture for a satisfying career and opportunities for innovative and original research contribution
to their credit”.
Dr. Vijay Digambar Garde, Ph.D. Moscow, Retd. General Manager, Bharat Heavy
Electricals Ltd., Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

“The book in fact is a description of the research work done by the author himself in the field of agriculture, an area for which he had no formal education and training. It is interesting to read, how the author not only got his foothold but contributed in a significant way”.
– Padmabhushan Prof. Dr. Ram Badan Singh, FNAAS, President, National Academy
of Agricultural Sciences, DP Shastri Marg, New Delhi, India.

“Your book falls in the category of ‘Professional Biography’. Very few Indians have attempted that. Your effort is therefore welcome. You have traced your research journey and career course so successfully completed in this well-articulated document. You have aptly described the institutional workings, lost opportunities due to myopic policies and wrong perceptions. It is amazing to see that you have moved from the main-stream physics and still contributed at the world class level in the allied but new fields”.
Prof. Vivek N. Patkar, Retd. Professor and a versatile freelance researcher, writer,
author and promoter of science education, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

“Thank you very much for the reprint of your paper-‘Moisture Desorption and Absorption Isotherms for Seeds of Some Cultivars of Triticum aestivum and Triticum durum wheat’. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and even re-reading it. It does not happen often that one can read papers where the author is working at the cross-fertilizing the fields of plant science and physical chemistry. I do believe that your results will have profound implications in every agricultural discipline (not only in breeding), and for every crop that humans are cultivating for obtaining their foods. Up to now, I was more used to seeing and also measuring classical isotherms with water activity on the X-axis and moisture content on the Y-axis, and have the kinetic data separately presented. I like your presentation of ‘Normalized mass of seeds’ over time. Your concept of hysteresis area is very talkative, very expressive. No doubt that it will prove helpful to speed up and to improve plant breeding process”.
– Dr. Luc De Bry, Ph.D., Head of Research Department, M/S Dannone Biscuits,
Herental, Belgium

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