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The Ascent of a Rural Boy

by Dr T C Jain


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ISBN 978-93-86407-15-3
Languages English
Pages 220
Cover Paperback
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The ascent of a rural boy, traces the incredible journey of Dr. T.C. Jain, senior agriculturist and former consultant with the World Bank, as he catapults from a remote village in Rajasthan to the global arena.

Dr. Jain, one of the many children of a middle-class Jain family, managed to climb the steep steps of academic success and social recognition with nothing but the help of his never-say-die attitude. Left fatherless at a young age, with more or less no money to go on, Dr. Jain had to carve his own path to success, with no one to handhold him or steer his path.

From his college days in the College of Agriculture in Jobner to his second PhD from the University of Brussels, from becoming a lecturer in his old college to going on to head projects for Indian Council for Agricultural Research and later joining the World Bank to facilitate agriculture development projects in many Indian states, Dr. Jain fought his way through the obstacles — both professional and personal — that came his way, without ones losing hope or giving up. Ever grateful for all that he has achieved today, Dr Jain attributes his rise to two ladies, his late mother, who did everything she could as a widow, and the joint-family structure he grew up in and sacrifices of his wife.

In his expertly woven autobiography, Dr. Jain lists out his many success stories and a few heartaches, in all its sincerity. Written in his characteristic witty style, (the name of the book here) is peppered with emotional moments that will strike a chord with anyone who likes to read a true narrative. This book is a testimony of how an ordinary individual with no particular background to boast of or backing, managed to achieve spectacular success.

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  1. Zorba Books

    Wonderful remembrance, hearty congratulations. I have gone through each page and every line of this memorized historical autobiography of a Remote Village Innocent Boy consisting of 187 pages under the title “The Ascent of a Rural Boy” by – T.C. Jain.

    I am so much impressed (after going through 187 page) on your all-round, transparent and very honest personality with a super human ascent. You have very nicely covered the journey of your life and updated with all the traditional ethics & norms of an ideal normal joint family which is now rarest of the rare. Your commitment and devotion to duty is monumental and illustrative in any kind of place, position, programme, planning and policy. I will read all to one hundred and eighty seven pages again and again.

    With grateful regards

    Prof. R.K. Rai

    Former Professor & Head
    Division of Agronomy, IARI
    New Delhi – 110012

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