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Learning manners or etiquettes

It’s all About Etiquette

by Sanjay Rajpal


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ISBN 978-93-87456-4-64
Languages English
Pages 200
Cover Paperback
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How early should you be for an interview?
Should you address each person on the committee by name?
When dining in a restaurant, should you pull out the chair
for your female guest?
What is the protocol for posting your party pictures on the internet?
If you are meeting your boss for drinks, should you offer to pay the bill?

Professional Etiquette

Dressing Etiquettes
Interview Etiquette
Office Etiquette for Hello and Goodbye
Etiquette in Office
Business E-mail Etiquette
Business Card Etiquette
Meeting Etiquette
Etiquette for Presentations
The Etiquette of Drinking with Your Boss
Resignation Etiquette

Social Etiquette

Common Etiquette Errors
Bathroom Etiquette
Cell-Phone Etiquette
Cleanliness in Public Places
Etiquette for Driver
Parking Etiquette
Etiquette for Kids
Etiquette for School Going Kids
Etiquette with Ladies
Etiquette with Elders
Etiquette in Coping with Difficult People
Etiquette of Shaking Hands
Funeral Etiquette
Playground Etiquette
Etiquette at Public Places
Etiquettes in Public Transport
Selfie Etiquette
Facebook Etiquette
Tea Drinking Etiquette
Dinning Etiquette
Restaurant Etiquette

About the Author

Sanjay Rajpal is the Country Manager of Ypsomed India Pvt Ltd. He is responsible for operations and implementation
of business startegies. He has and extensive two and half decades experience in Healthcare industry. Additionaly,
Sanjay mentors many new comers in the field of Diabetes education and young professionals. Sanjay Graduated from
University of Delhi and did Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management from YMCA and subsequently he did his Business Management from Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines and before that Bachelor of
Science from University of Delhi.
Sanjay champions the cause of Diabetes education and is working relentlessly in the field of Counselling and Eduaction in Non Commnicable Diseases. Prior to Ypsomed Sanjay worked for Eli, Lilly, Dentsply India and Serdia Pharmaceuticals.
Besides Corporate Leadership Sanjay is indulged in many activities related to the education and development
of Youth such as Training, Counselling and Awareness etc.

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  1. Pradeep Patel

    It’s a book of encyclopedia for Etiquettes.
    I have buy today.

  2. Zorba Books

    Mr Pradeep
    We are happy to hear the same from you. Indeed Etiquettes is important for all of us to learn inorder to progress in our work lives.

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