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Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership in Managing Business



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Effective Leadership in Managing Business

Many people have misconceptions about a leader’s personality. This book, Effective Leadership in Managing Business, tries to remove this misconception with examples. It focuses on vision and mission statements without which the leaders cannot lead people. There are certain leadership traits which all effective leaders exhibit in public life. An effective leader’s role is not just limited to inspiring, engaging and motivating human resource to improve productivity. An effective leader also aims to improve business processes, systems and procedures to increase efficiency and reduce cost which impacts profitability and increases customer satisfaction.

About the Author

B. K. Khaitan is a post graduate in Business Management and Computer Application. He has worked in senior level positions in Multi-national Companies and I.T. Companies. He retired from RPG Cables Ltd as CIO in the year 2002. Post retirement, he worked as I.T. consultant for 10 years and offered his services to clients in India and Abroad. He has been the visiting faculty of S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai in the year 1985. He has received an award for his outstanding contribution in the field of Information Technology in the year 2012. The award was bestowed upon him during a seminar held in Bangkok in which 70 CIO from all over India were invited to attend and participate.

He is a certified trainer in conducting Leadership Workshop in companies. This certification was given by Leadership Management International, Inc, Wacko, Texas, USA in the year 2004.

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