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How to Fulfill and Achieve Your Financial Goal

by Kumar Dhruv

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This book is for general people of India who are earning and spending and try to save some percentage of their earnings. Indian people are having saving habits but unfortunately they cannot judge whether their saving is inflation free or not. Some people save just to take the advantage of Section 80 (C). This saving is not the
right way and people are not able to fulfill their financial goals. Financial goals are those goals which come with the intervals of certain years. Generally this tenure varies from thirty to thirty five years.
Actually inflation free saving is that saving which increases the value of money. I have explained in details in this book. Savings should always be as per your pocket says. Never go for savings which one cannot continue. Generally saving should have some purpose. Along with your savings, your life style has to be maintained also.
In this book I have explained how you manage and save your heard earned money and how to save in different baskets like, RD, FD, Mutual Fund, Equities and Insurance etc so that you can very well manage your child’s education, marriage,housing, your pension corpus and along with the expenses for health in old age for you and your family.
One thing should be always in our mind that we generally spend money more on holidays like on Saturdays and Sundays rather than on working days. So just think what will be after your retirement as after you retire from your job or hand over your business to your next generations, every day will be Sunday for you.

Secondly you will also need extra money with you for old age medical treatment for you and your better half. I tried to explain in this book how one should save to get financial protection for him and his family and how he should fulfill and achieve his all kinds of financial goals. You can also send your queries by mailing me at my following E-Mail address.

About the Author

Dhruba Mukherjee writes with his pen-name ‘Kumar Dhruv’. He was born in a Bengali family in Kolkata on 31 st March 1958. He has a penchant for writing since his childhood. Due to his father’s transfer (he works with the IOFS), Mukherjee spent a major part of his early education and childhood in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.
He grew up to become the Editor of the prestigious magazine of his college, St Aloysius, in Jabalpur in 1978. After his graduation, he acquired a Diploma in Journalism in 1980 from Jabalpur University under the great Late Kalika Prasad Dixit and completed his Post-graduate Management degree from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai. He has also done a course in SMEP from IIM Ahmadabad.
Apart from his varied education, he is also a very good mouth-organ player and a magician and has done many shows including one that was featured on Doordarshan. He is an ex- employee of the State Bank of India, a National Hockey player as well as an International Veterans Table Tennis player who got an award in Germany.
In 2016, his first book and in early 2018 his next book The Inside Story of Indian Politics. This book is available both in Hindi and english.
You can contact the author and give your valuable suggestions about this book on


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