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Chemistry and Biology made simple

by Shruti Tiwari


ISBN 97-89-388497-92-3
Languages English
Pages 182
Cover Paperback


Chemistry and Biology Made Simple, is written for children who are in class VII – IX. It aims to simplify the complex concepts in Chemistry and Biology, there by making learning easier. Science book in Hindi written by Shruti Tiwari is also available.


About the Author

Shruti Tiwari is a High School topper, awarded student of the year by LIC. She is a BS. Agriculture Honour student from CSJM, Kanpur.

She has always liked writing and Science is her passion. But this was not always so. When she was studying for her X board exam she found it difficult to understand many science concepts, as explained in the text books. They were not explained simply with lots of visual references. Slowly she realized that Science is not so difficult, and can be made easy for students. That is when she wrote her first book in Science – Science Scense, this book is in Hindi.

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  1. Amit Gupta

    Wonderful notes .It really made easy to understand basics of chemistry and biology …

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