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A Leader Under 26

by Ismail Ansari


ISBN 978-93-88497-12-1
Languages English
Pages 292
Cover Paperback


This heart-knocking story spans the gorgeous valleys of Shimla and the dusty plains of Uttar Pradesh. Shaswat Sidh comes to Shimla as a young student and falls in love with a beautiful girl, Tanya. However, their story is doomed because Tanya has a deep secret she doesn’t want to share with anyone. Will their love triumph or will Tanya’s secret destroy it?

For Shaswat, witnessing a rape in Mumbai when on holiday with his friends, transforms his life. The rape of a close colleague and the subsequent rape of a marginalized ragpicker in Lucknow propel him into taking on the establishment. He becomes a voice for women who have been raped in the country and the name ‘Shaswat Sidh; identify as a great young leader of India.

Does Shaswat continue with his agitations against the establishment? Does he find happiness with Tanya? And what is the mysterious, haunting tune of the flute that plays every night at 1 am? Read on to find out…

About the Author

Ismail Ansari is from Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. He is doing his MBBS from MRA Medical College, Ambedkarnagar, UP. He has been interested in writing and observing  society since his childhood. His love for writing inspired him to write this story about a leader under 26.


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