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India: A Living Hegelian Leviathan

INDIA: A Living Hegelian Leviathan

by Prafulla Chaulia


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In, India: A Living Hegelian Leviathan, Dr. Prafulla Chaulia invites us to reflect on the relationship between the present condition of India and its fascinating past(s) as revealed through certain thought traditions that remain culturally dominant to this day.
“For the dialectic shows latent in common sense the dangerous implication that the form in which the world is given and organized may contradict its true content, that is to say, that the potentialities inherent in men and things may require the dissolution of the given forms. Formal logic accepts the world-form as it is and gives some general rules for theoretical orientation to it. Dialectical logic, on the other hand, rejects any claim of sanctity for the given, and shatters the complacency of those living under its rubric. It holds that ‘external existence’ is never the sole criterion of the truth of a content, but that every form of existence must justify before a higher tribunal whether it is adequate to its content or not.”

–        Herbert Marcuse in his book, Reason And Revolution: Hegel and the Rise of Social Theory.( first published in 1941, this edition published in 2020  by Woolf Haus, page  97 )

Chapter One
Bharatavarsha A Continent Of Bountiful Nature And An Ancient Palimpsest Vedic Brahmamism Versus Hegel’s Spirit 1
Chapter Two
The History Of The World Is Not The Theatre Of Happiness 30
Chapter Three
Vested Interests Have Introduced Caste System Into Hindu Society 61
Chapter Four
The Contestation Between Brahmanas And Shramanas 76
Chapter Five
India: That Is Bharatavarsha, The Largest Functional Democracy

About the Author

Prafulla Chaulia, taught Political Science in the post graduate department of Political Science in Sambalpur University, Burla.
He then entered the Provincial Civil Services and rose to the level of Addl Secretary to Government and assigned to the post of Collector and District Magistrate in three districts of the State for quite a considerable years, yet he researched in Political Science leading to the Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), which was awarded by Andhra University, Waltair quite early and his thesis was adjudged of high quality by the external examiner Professor Susanne Hoeber Rudolph of University
of Chicago, USA.
He is a public intellectual and a columnist who wrote more than a hundred articles published in various news papers of Odisha which are related to the political economy of the state and the country. Out of these articles, his first book Kalaku Gabakshya (in Odia) was published in 2017. His second book (in English) having title, Ceiling On Land Holdings: Past
Perspective, published in 2019 is treated as an original work in the field of land reforms in India.
There is a common belief that those who write have no experience, and those who have experience cannot write; but Prafulla Chaulia is an exception, who has not only vast experience in the socio, economic and political life of common people in the field in their day to day life; but also can write with considerable expertise as many of his essays published in various news papers, are highly acclaimed by the readers.

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