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Book on WW I

WWI The Sorrows of Victory



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   Book on WW I

WWI The Sorrows of Victory

“Only the dead have seen the end of war” PLATO

The book contains an intimate History of the Ist World War, which gripped and shook the entire world like never before. The knowledge of history contributes significantly to our General Knowledge about the World, and it’s past. It also teaches that not all victories are joyous, e.g. the pride in the victory of war is far outweighed by the price paid to achieve it. World War I (WWI )lasted for four years, 3months and two weeks.  It was the first war in which such a large number
 of countries participated. Wreaking havoc like never before.
About the Author
Dia Bagle is 17 and a student at International School Bangalore.


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