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Mehak- The Fragrance

by Renuka Laungani Bharti


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ISBN 9789385020353
Languages English
Pages 150
Cover Paperback
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When Englishman Wilfred Cunningham heard Mohana sing the Rabindra Sangeet it captured his heart and started a chain of events that rippled through three generations. A legacy that included not just tea estates and blue eyes, but love and tolerance. A legacy that was challenged by India’s most orthodox communities as the Cunningham youngsters came of age and fell in love. Will love and right thinking conquer all? Can eight brides and grooms cast aside differences in language, cuisine and cultures to live in rare harmony? Can a legacy that started with one Englishman make a difference in this crazy world?​

About The Author

Renuka Laungani has experienced struggle first hand and has risen to heights using her grit and determination. After completing M.A and B.Ed, she worked as a teacher in schools moved up as a lecturer in SNDT Polytechnic. She then took up assignments as principal of Kala Vidyalaya School and college and S.S. Ajmera High School.
Her achievements do not end here, she has bagged many a Lion Club awards, written article for Mid-Day, written songs and bhajans, participated in talk shows. Her latest venture as an author – Mehak – the fragrance, is her first attempt at penning a novel
Renuka has deep admiration for Wordsworth, Frost (nature poets) and Munshi Premchand (for his work on the common man’s social problems, his life and poverty).

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