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A Cupful of Secrets

by Amulya Sharma


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Pages 326
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Discover secrets of tea or Chai. The word evokes memories of rainy afternoons, road trips, and long conversations. No gathering in India is complete without a few cups of hot, steaming tea. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, ‘Some people will tell you that there’s a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea’. This book truly encapsulates this feeling, while never departing from its main purpose of being a useful and erudite manual for novice and seasoned tea planters with detailed instructions about tea manufacture, right from which seeds to select to newly evolving sustainable practices.
In this book discover the secrets of tea, it details the advantages and disadvantages of different processes and methods for raising tea plants successfully. It is written in a clear and lucid manner and covers a wide range of practices related to the manufacture of tea. The author is an experienced tea planter with decades of experience, which allows him to offer practical and easy-to-follow advice about improving the quality of the crop through appropriate scientific techniques. The author also takes into consideration the changing demands of tea production as a result of climate change, bringing together both traditional and moderns methods for adapting to the needs of the current market. This book, A cup full of secrets is an indispensable guide for anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their crop and produce superior tea.


Amulya Sharma is a very successful tea planter with decades of experience in every sphere of estate management. He has been associated with Assam Branch of Indian Tea Association and was a member of the Area Scientific Committee of Tea Research Association. His basis of scientific knowledge is ideal for serving the interests of both small and big tea growers. His advice will help in improving the crop and quality of tea along with bringing about an economy in different areas of estate management.

Late Dr. DN Barua, Member- Standing Committee, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Advisor- Assam Agricultural University for World Bank assignment (1973-1976), Advisor-Tea Research Association (1976-1982)

I agree that this is the only available book currently on tea in total. We will be using this book for our students as part of the curriculum. Thanks for your valuable contribution for the benefit of the tea sector, particularly for north-eastern region. A separate book for southern region is essential at par with your book. I wish and encourage you to write a similar book.

Professor VG Dhanakumar, Director, Indian Institute of Plantation Management (IIPM) Bangalore

Mr. Sharma is a firm believer in the efficient utilization of scientific information and a pioneer of many recommended practices that are not emphasized by the present generation of tea planters. He is aware of the importance of good land preparation and maintaining soil fertility by way of good agricultural practices. His key result areas include a quick turnaround from stagnancy to production, improvement in yield, and motivating
the management for making the right kind of investment.
Jagot Chakravarty, ex-chief advisor-Tea Research Association, Jorhat

An experienced and dedicated tea planter of this region, Amulya Sharma has written this book based on his long experience in the industry. The uniqueness of the book is that it covers almost all aspects of tea husbandry and management written in lucid language. For the same reason, the book will undoubtedly be helpful to know the basics for anyone pursuing courses on tea.

PK Borua, Retd. Professor in Life Sciences, Chairman- Centre for Tea and Agro Studies,
Dibrugarh University


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