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Bulletproof your child online

Bulletproof Your Child Online

by Pooja Malhotra


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ISBN 9789393029898
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Pages 174
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Bulletproof Your Child Online

A Parent’s Guide

    Seven Safety Rules 

Your Best Tools


It was on your desk, then came into your lap and now it’s beeping in your pocket, and in your child’s hands too! The Internet has dramatically revolutionized our lives. But has parenting in the digital world kept pace?
Sitting in the comfort of our homes, with only a screen in front of us, we tend to lower our guards. Seeing our children, right in front of our eyes, playing online or watching a YouTube video, we think they are safe. But are they really safe?
What are you doing to keep your child safe in the online world? Do you know that this fun-filled space also harbors risks such as ‘stranger danger’, identity theft, cyber bullying and abuse? This book is the beginning of this conversation. It is the answer to all your concerns, queries and questions regarding your child’s safety in Cyberspace. Bulletproof Your Child Online, is your guide to taking well informed decisions and making right choices so that you are empowered to keep your child safe always!


About the Author

Pooja Malhotra is a cyber safety expert, strategist, coach and speaker, who has been actively using the power of her words, spoken and written, to encourage young netizens and their parents to ‘be safe in cyberspace’.
Her journey in the space of Internet Safety began in 2012 as a cyber safety counsellor actively partnering with various institutions to conduct workshops and Internet Safety sessions for ensuring that our young netizens stay safe in cyberspace.
She then became an advisory member and soon she graduated to becoming a Technical Committee Member, NCDRC, at National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.  
After years of reiterating these insights and guidelines, she decided to consolidate everything into an easy to follow, slim volume titled “Be Safe in Cyberspace” (published in February, 2015). Her first book and her sessions have received appreciation from esteemed educationists and
veterans, pan India. Completing a Certificate course in Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Cyber security and Cyber law from International Forensic Sciences (IFS) – A Govt. Of India Court Appointed Commission, deepened her knowledge in identifying analyzing cyber frauds and uncovering
effective solutions for online safety.
She is the creator of the SCSR framework for keeping children safe in the virtual world. SCSR has proved to be a life changing strategy for hundreds of parents, teachers and caregivers who prioritized online safety of their young netizens.


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